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Organic label in the retail food sector

Stores and outlets that wish to make their organic and sustainable products visible, can do this using Debio’s organic labels.

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Organic label in the retail food sector

Debio’s organic labels can be used to profile the proportion of organic/Debio-approved products for eating establishments and the retail food sector. Debio’s private regulations for the use of Debio’s organic labels apply to the use of Debio’s labels in the retail food sector.

Such regulations are in addition to any other statutory provisions applicable to the enterprise. Approval may cover the following:

  • Subscription scheme: proportion of organic/Debio-approved products that the enterprise sells. Such approval does not apply to individual dinner crates, fruit baskets, etc., where the customer themselves determines the selection.
  • Store sales: either collectively regarding the store’s turnover or specifically for defined categories (for example, fruit and vegetables, eggs, baby food, etc.)

There are two main categories for control and approval in connection with label use, distributed according to the type of enterprise:

  • sole enterprises (independent enterprises like grocery stores, subscription schemes, etc.)
  • enterprises with a common control system (enterprises with one main entity/control entity and sub-entities at different locations, such as supermarket chains, kiosk chains, etc; these types of enterprises can have a joint association with Debio).

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