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Information in English

All providers of organic products in Norway are certified by Debio. We ensure that farms and fish farms, processing and marketing enterprises, importers and others follow the regulations for organic production, and meet the requirements for marketing organic products under Debio’s Ø-label.


Debio’s Ø-label and import

The Ø-label can be applied to imported products that are certified by an accredited body in the country of origin, in accordance with regulations that correspond to Norwegian rules and regulations. The application form for use of Debio’s Ø-label can be downloaded from this page. Please send the application to or the postal address written in the application form.

Download the Ø-label here


Relevant documents

Application for use of Debio`s Ø-label for organic products exported to Norway

Godkjente kontrollorgan i EU/EU control bodies

EU-kommisjonens side med oppdatert liste over kontrollorganer.


Organic Agriculture

Most of Debio’s services deal with the inspection of organic production in accordance with the Norwegian «Regulations on the Production and Labelling of Organic Agricultural Products». The inspection services are founded on an agreement with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, and the regulation is based on the EU Council Regulation 834/2007. It covers farming, processing, import and marketing of organic agricultural products.

The guidance documents for the Norwegian organic agriculture and market are only in Norwegian, and are to be found here.

Are you considering organic production, contact us and we will help you.

Do you have questions regarding the agronomy of organic production, contact the Norwegian Agricultural Extension Office (Norsk Landbruksrådgivning),


Organic Aquaculture

Organic Aquaculture includes the farming of various fish species in freshwater, saltwater and brackish water. The standards cover salmonoids (salmon, trout, rainbow trout and char), perch, pikeperch and cod. Organic aquacultue is regulated through the EU regulations on organic production and labeling of organic products.


Debio’s labels for eating establishments

If you prepare and serve food for others, and wish to market your organic and sustainable food, you can make it visible using Debio’s organic labels or Ø label.


Organic label in the retail food sector

Stores and outlets that wish to make their organic and sustainable products visible, can do this using Debio’s organic labels.



Matvalget helps those businesses that want to make organic and sustainable food for others. We offer courses, guidance, and study trips in order to make it easier to make good food choices.


Do you have questions or need guidance?