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Fee overview for processing, import and turnover

Control fees are stipulated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries in Section 4 of regulation no. 406 of 13 February 2004 relating to the payment of fees for specific services provided by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and Section 19 of regulation no. 355 of 18 March 2017 on organic production and labelling of organic agricultural products, aquaculture products, food and feed (Ecological regulation)

Control fees applicable from 01.01.2023

Affiliation fee

To be paid upon subscription to the control scheme. The fee is non-refundable if an enterprise withdraws from the control scheme. Enterprises that register on 1 October or later will be liable to pay a supplementary fee for auditing at short notice if they wish to receive an auditing visit before the New Year.

  • Fee for first-time registration to the control scheme

    1700,- NOK

  • Administration fee

    100,- NOK

Basic fee for processing import and turnover

Annual fee. Subscriptions commencing after 1 September will be subject to half the basic fee. The fee is non-refundable if an enterprise withdraws from the control scheme.

  • Enterprises that store and/or market organic agricultural products and foodstuffs without changing the labelling

    1850,- NOK

  • Enterprises that pack*, process and/or import organic agricultural products and foodstuffs (*covers all changes to labelling including breaking packaging for sale according to weight)

    7385,- NOK

  • Farm processing for Debio-approved farms

    910,- NOK


  • Enterprises can be audited at short notice with completion within 12 weeks on payment of an additional fee. The additional fee is on top of the ordinary basic fee

    5545,- NOK

  • Fee for cancelling an agreed audit less than one week before the agreed date, or if the enterprise manager or their representative is not present at the agreed audit, unless the enterprise manager can provide the control body with documented evidence of reasonable grounds for the cancellation or non-appearance.

    4620,- NOK

  • The fee for outsourcing activities subject to mandatory control to enterprises that are not Debio approved will be in accordance with the rates set by the Ecological Regulation. This fee will be in addition to any other fees that the customer is already paying.

    1850,- NOK

Foreign enterprises

Beyond the above-mentioned regulations, foreign enterprises that are associated with a control body abroad can be granted approval to use Debio’s Ø label.

  • Fixed annual fee (including two hours’ work)

    4800,- NOK

  • Hourly rate for case handling

    1165,- NOK

In the event that a fee is not paid within the stipulated deadline, interest shall be charged in accordance with Act no. 100 of 17 December 1976 relating to interest on overdue payments. A late payment fee will also be applied. In accordance with the new debt collection regulation of 2020, the applicable fee is NOK 140.